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Monogramming Advice

Monogramming Advice

For a traditional monogram it is first name initial, LAST name initial, middle name initial with the first and last initial being smaller and on both sides of the middle initial. All letters are capitalized.

For men they usually go with a 3 letter Block font initial. For example Carter Tripp Coleman would be monogrammed as CTC. All letters are the same size.

For a wedding gift usually the Bride's initial comes first, the married last name will be the middle initial, and the grooms initial will come last. Either way its your item, or your gift. We will monogram as you wish it to be.

Please note we will monogram in the order the letters are entered. Please make sure you have this information correct, there will be no refunds or exchange on personalized items that are monogramed incorrectly because the information was entered incorrectly. If you have any question or need help, please contact us. We will be glad to help!!